This year, Gamefest is being hosted in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building at Georgia Tech, a three-story academic building that houses a portion of the College of Computing, College of Engineering, and related programs. The building houses cutting edge computing research, with a 500-square-foot data center in the building providing 80 kilowatts of power and cooling capacity for critical enterprise servers. The building’s advanced infrastructure provides 1 Gpbs networking to all ports with a 10 Gbps uplink to the campus network as well as high-density 802.11n wireless networking support.

The unique electrical and networking infrastructure makes the Klaus Building a perfect place to host a LAN event, making sure that power and latency are never an issue. Each BYOC tournament seat comes with one ethernet port and one power port to power your computer setup, though a power splitter may be necessary to power a combined monitor+computer setup.

Klaus Advanced Computing Building
266 Ferst Dr
Atlanta, GA 30332
Georgia Institute of Technology


Parking can be found at one of the nearby visitor parking areas (marked on the map). These parking spaces may require payment to park, and may be full. There is a Georgia Tech home football game on Saturday, November 2nd, so parking may be limited, especially in the southern parking location.

For Georgia Tech students with parking passes, the Klaus building parking deck may be open over the weekend without restriction.

Additionally, as has been marked on the map, there is an unloading area next to the venue to help with unloading setups/PCs/etc. This is not a parking zone.

  • Parking locations
  • Unloading locations
  • Event venue

Event Map

Each game will have its tournament in one of Georgia Tech’s academic classrooms, which feature seating and tables depending on the room. Click to view/download larger map


  1. Registration
  2. Sponsor Tabling
  3. Food Station
  4. Freeplay Area
  5. Unloading Zone

  • Restrooms
  • Elevator
  • Stairs